Planet Partitioning are an award winning industry leader in creative interior glass partitions and architectural glazing. Their customers range from architects and contractors to a wide variety of private and public sector end-users.

Supplying a large number of products and bespoke solutions to customers with diverse profiles presented a sizeable challenge when it came to selling Planet Partitioning’s merchandise and services online.

Dots+Circles developed a clear and scalable online cataloguing solution that allowed for seamless and intuitive navigation through the whole range of Planet Partitioning products.


The Planet Partitioning website needed to reflect the high quality and bespoke nature of the company’s products and services. It was essential to enable customers to view the full product range in a logical and easy-to-use form.

A revamped website also needed to showcase examples of already completed projects in their locations, ranging from commercial offices and leisure buildings, right through to hospitals and laboratories. Providing the company with a website that would be sustainable and age-proof, we were asked to make it easy to update by the client, as well as allowing it to scale as their business grows.



developed and built a clear and easy to navigate online portfolio of products, projects, and clients.

Simplified product information was provided for end-users, whereas detailed specifications were made available for architects and contractors. To make life even easier, we created an interactive product selector to help customers find the solution that best fits their needs.

The new Planet Partitioning website is now optimised for use across different devices, ensuring it always works well and helping with expansion of their customer base. We supplied a flexible and easy to edit system, securing autonomy of the company managers by enabling them to change content without our assistance.


Dots+Circles designed an easy-to-edit cataloguing system that can be extended indefinitely, providing Planet Partitioning with a long-lasting business asset.

The comprehensive online catalogue now has clarity for potential customers, contributing to their understanding of the complex products and systems on offer. The portfolio of completed projects gives further quality assurance to architects and contractors.

Careful content design has led to significant gains in search engine rankings. Planet Partitioning now ranks second in Google searches for ‘glass partitioning UK’. High search engine rankings inevitably mean more customers and more sales as well as tangible returns on their initial investment in boosting their online presence.

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