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Situated on the border between Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, Birtsmorton Court is a 15th century moated manor house near the Malvern Hills. A medieval hall, elegant courtyard and well-tended gardens all contribute to the romantic aura of the place. Directors of this adapted wedding venue were keen to communicate the magical spirit of the location through their brand, both online and in print media. With fierce competition in this particular market, it was critical to clearly present their unique atmosphere and to make couples and their families instantly aware of the hypnotic appeal of the court.

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To capture the stylish majesty of Birtsmorton Court and to accurately convey its fairy-tale-like character in marketing materials

Birtsmorton Court’s owners approached us with high expectations. Their objectives were to increase their website traffic, create new visual branding and text content, as well as improve their conversion rate in terms of website visitors to confirmed bookings. They also asked us to create a content management system. Finally, their new website needed to be fully responsive on mobiles and tablets.

Over the years, elements had been bolted onto their old website, which made user experience cumbersome and unintuitive. With that in mind, we agreed that a complete redesign of content architecture was necessary.

In the past, Birtsmorton Court’s managers had also used multiple photographers, which led to stylistic inconsistency of their branding materials, both in print and online.

We were asked to create uniform imagery, one that would fit all marketing purposes and reflect the character of the venue and its aura of romantic, medieval grandeur.

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Close cooperation with Birtsmorton Court’s directors and staff was key in the development of this versatile marketing project where the main goal was to directly address their business needs.

Dots+Circles presented the directors with a clear vision and plan – to revitalise their print and online marketing materials by introducing brand new bespoke design and to boost the visibility of the company with targeted SEO and SEM campaigns.

Our brand rejuvenation work started with a thorough analysis of how the existing website was used – who were the customers and what were their needs.

We found that one in four visitors accessed the website from a mobile phone or tablet in 2013 and that over half of users only browsed through pages that contained information on wedding organisation.

Existing photo galleries also proved popular, providing an incentive to concentrate on creating a new visual brand design with a focus on wedding pictures.

Several visits to the venue proved extremely helpful, not only to enable photographers to continue their work but also to discover and reveal in our campaign all those remarkable features of the place surrounded by those impressive 15th century walls.

After completing the first rejuvenation stage of this project we agreed to continue our collaboration to support Birtsmorton Court’s managers in optimising the website, providing its maintenance, and updating marketing materials.


We were happy to see that with our efforts the team at Birtsmorton Court had fully reaffirmed their confidence in their brand.

Since launching the new website, visits from mobile phones and tablets have increased by 100% and the bounce rate of visitors has reduced. Within two months of the launch Birtsmorton Court experienced a 25% increase in enquiries.

Thanks to our research into the online wedding industry, we managed to reduce the client’s spending on pay-per-click advertising campaigns by 50% without compromising the conversion level.

Seven months after the launch, the new approach generated a conversion increase of 80%.

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Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing Impact

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Client’s Testimonial

Birtsmorton Court very much appreciates the Dots+Circles team’s efforts over the past two years. It has been a pleasure to see this project become a reality over this time. The website stands as a testament to all of the effort invested in it by so many people and showcases the Birtsmorton Court brand in a stronger and more positive way than ever before. Thank you again for all of your support and assistance; it would have been impossible to come this far and to have achieved so much without it, in both the design and the SEO elements of the project.