IconOnline Market Analysis

Creating a good marketing strategy is more than just guesswork. Dots+Circles will help you evaluate the current market and form a strategy that best suits the needs of your business.

IconCompetitor Analysis

Finding your unique identity is the best way to have your business stand out above others in your field. We’ll analyse your competition and work on developing online strategies to make you a real and unique prospect.

IconContent Optimisation

Making the most of any space is a business no-brainer. Just like a high street shop, to be worthy of investment, your online space should be populated with customers. There is no better way to secure high online traffic than reaching the top of search engine results. This is why specific pages on your site need to be indexed with keywords and content that responds to current market trends and demand. Using proven Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) methods our specialists will boost your online visibility.


IconOrganic SEO Campaigns

Search engines are the most common platforms for new customers to find your business. Many people are just happy to click the first result that appears in their Google search and go from there. Some companies can promise you higher SEO rankings by using ‘black hat’ techniques, including hidden texts or keyword-stuffing. Not only are such approaches tricky in terms of ethics, they are becoming less and less effective. We’re dedicated to creating natural SEO campaigns that seamlessly fit your existing content, pushing you higher up the browser page and making you more visible to potential visitors with verifiable results and long-term potential.


IconPaid Marketing

SEO strategies are orientated towards long-term, sustainable goals. The term paid marketing, on the other hand, refers to campaigns aimed at instant conversion. These require constant monitoring and skilful balancing of the budget against returned conversion. We’ve developed an ongoing relationship with several satisfied clients for whom we provide a blend of organic SEO and paid marketing campaigns.


IconWeb Analytics

At some point you’ll want to see tangible results of your online marketing strategy. At Dots+Circles statistics on site views, enquiries, conversions, clicks from search terms and reports on trends/performance of your website are made available to you on a regular basis. We always look to help you understand how we use these in tailoring our SEO and SEM activity. Our aim is to introduce you to Google Analytics so that you can access these metrics at any time to get the most out of your online campaigns.

IconAudience Acquisition Strategy

A growing business needs an expanding audience and building your customer base is our main motivation. Intuitive, timeless design paired with skillfully combined SEO and SEM is the essence in our tried and tested recipe for successful business development.